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Patient Testimonials

More valuable than any aware are the kind words of our patients. Our primary goal is the health and wellbeing of our patients and their testimonials are greatly appreciated. Read some of our amazing patients reviews.

After 4 failed discectomy surgeries last year at c4 c5 my surgeon and I talked about disc replacement. He said I was a good candidate for this. But after a vist with him he changed hi mind and wanted to fuse me. So I found Dr.Ball for a second opinion, and yes at my age it is very uncommon. But I’m a very healthy 63 year old woman with good bone density. So I did my research and his office did more testing to make sure. This was the best decision I’ve every made. 13 months of pain and 4 surgeries he did my disc replacement and holly cow what a change in mobility and pain. Within 3 days of surgery no pain…they say 3 to 6 month recovery and in three months fully healed and back to normal…his office was very professional and compassionate. Dr Ball was straight up with the entire procedure. Only stay 24 hours in the hospital, my pain was controlled by him, not the doctor in the hospital. I would recommend this office to anyone I meet. Mind you I’m 63 and have full function of my slides back….thank you for everything. Deborah W. | Google Reviews

After a really bad motorcycle accident I had been living with neck pain, headaches and numbness in my hands for about a year. I was referred to Dr. Ball and he was confident he could fix me right up so we scheduled neck fusion surgery of three vertebrates. His PA Shrada walked my wife and I through the procedure, answered all of our questions and made us feel completely at ease long before the day of the procedure. Surgery was no sweat and Shrada even helped us beyond the call of duty by helping our son get leave from the Marines to come home and help take care of me. I highly recommend Dr. Ball and his staff they were awesome. Theron D. | Google Reviews

3 great surgeries! And if I need a 4th, I’m going right back to Dr. Hieu Ball and his terrific staff! I had serious spine injuries and they took very good care of me. I had a double fusion in my lower back at L4, 5 six years ago and it’s doing great. I had a total disc replacement in my neck at C6, 7 six years ago and it was still doing great, but recently, 3 months ago in September, I had to convert to a double fusion in my neck due to a level above collapsing on top of the disc replacement, and it is doing great too! I appreciate Dr. Ball and his staff so much for being there for me, and when I say being there, that includes all the appointments, follow up care, phone calls, etc. I have always been able to talk to someone when I needed to because they answer their phone and respond to their emails. This is where you want to go if you need help from people that do what they say they are going to do, and they do it well. This team has integrity, and this review was long overdue, my recent experience reminded me of how great they are, so thank you Dr. Ball and staff, you’re the best, and you are very much appreciated! Chris M. | Google Reviews

Dr Ball operated on me at the Florida office Anchor Spine. After rear end collision I had Anxiety, Pain, Reduced Range of Motion and Nerve Pain. Had C5 and C6 TDR, Total Disk Replacement After surgery I barely have anything and got my day back. Thank You Dr. Ball. Francisco O. | Google Reviews

I would recommend Dr. Ball to anyone suffering from back pain. After 20+ years of having different levels of back pain, I went to see Dr. Ball. After an MRI showed that I needed surgery, needless to say I was frightened but decided just could not suffer anymore and moved forward with the surgery which was a 2 level lateral fusion. It has been two years and I am completely pain free!! I still can’t believe it. Dr. Ball walked me through every step of the surgery and what to expect. He has wonderful bedside manner, he is patient and is a very kind man. His staff at his office are also wonderful and very responsive. Dr. Ball operates at San Ramon Regional Medical Center which is an amazing small hospital. My nurses and staff were amazing. T. M. | Google Reviews

I was a career Oakland Firefighter for 31 years. I suffered a major back and neck injury during my career due to getting hit on the head to many times to count from debris and a fall from a roof at a structure fire. Dr Ball replaced two disc’s in my my neck, I am now pain FREE in my neck. Dr Ball has treated my back issues with the utmost of compassion and care with injections and nerve Oblations. Now waiting for back surgery, I personally would not consider any other Orthopedic Surgeon doing work on my spine. Dr Ball has also been instrumental in navigating the worker’s compensation board which is a headache all by itself. ( to my FD – PD peeps) you know what I’m talking about! I have referred a couple of friends to Dr Ball with similar great outcomes. Dr Ball is simply the best Doctor when it comes to spine issues. Michael D. | Google Reviews

Absolutely seamless experience. If you have years of back pain, Dr. Ball and his Team were the best. I am 100% better and doing things around the house that I could not do before the operation without worrying about my back going out on me for days. No longer. Just do it! Kevin B. | Google Reviews.

I am a 69 year old who was referred to Dr. Ball by my own family doctor (Who is himself a patient of Dr. Ball’s). I can unreservedly recommend Dr. Ball for any spine-related issues. I had back surgery two years ago for Lumbar Radiculopathy. Dr. Ball performed Lumbar Laminectomy Surgery for Spinal Stenosis and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I won’t kid you, this was not an easy surgery to go through but I was determined to do my part to reclaim as much of my prior mobility as possible. Following Dr. Ball’s advice, I progressively returned to exercising and with the occasional assistance of physical therapy, I am now enjoying normal activities with relatively little to no residual pain or medication. My advice to anyone contemplating back surgery is to understand your options, ask lots of questions and do your part in order to achieve the best result. Managing expectations is an important element of your recovery. If you’re just looking for someone to “fix you” without any effort on your part, you may be disappointed with the outcome. Do your part after placing yourself in the very capable hands of Dr. Ball and I expect you’ll be very happy with how it turns out. Stephen I. | Google Reviews

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